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Paint With Ace

Paint With Ace specializes in providing their guests with an unforgettable painting experience!  
We provide the essential materials needed to have the ultimate painting experience! 

What Is a Paint Kit?

A paint kit is a pre-sketched canvas which includes an apron, paint palette, paintbrushes and paint. 

Relieve Your Stress

Painting is a great form of relieving stress, for all ages! 

When Can You Use a Paint Kit?

Paint kits are great for any occasion! Birthday parties, at the beach, kid’s activities or anytime you want to have fun! 

What Do I Need?

Find a comfortable space, get a cup of water for changing colors, some napkins for mess and a creative mind!

Passionate About Creativity

Let painting become your new hobby! Relax your mind with these fun pre-sketched canvases 👌🏾

Pick Up a Paintbrush!

Painting relaxes your mind, body and spirit. 

Paint Party Fun

Host your own paint party with these fun paint kits! 

Who Can Paint?

Everyone can paint!  There is no gender restriction or age limit on who can paint.  Painting is a great hobby for anyone!

Date Nite Fun 

Painting is a great activity to do with your significant other 🥰 

Check out our adult related paint kits today!

Host Your Own Paint Party!

Host your own paint party with Paint With Ace Paint Kits!  
Enjoy pre-sketched canvases of your selected theme, 
with paint & paintbrushes then let your creative juices flow!  
Perfect for kids parties, date nite, fun with friends, sip & paint plus so much more!

Everyone Paints With Lady Ace!